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Getting Started

The process is extremely quick and simple.  Give us a call, then we will come and evaluate your items, schedule the sale and sign a binding contract.  The sale will commence on the dates scheduled and our business will be finalized.

Estate Sale & Consignments

We offer both Estate Sale and Consignment services.  Our average percentages are 30% and 50% respectively.  We are generally the most affordable and cost productive company in the area.

Technology & Expertise

Using out service means that you'll see more return for your items.  Unlike other companies, we don't run 50% sales on the last day, or sell your items for 10% of their value.  Any high value items get marketed online and stored inside our warehouse until they sell for what they are worth.

Estate Sales

Our expertise is in the Estate Sale division.  For more than 6 years we have helped local


We utilize 5 different unique platforms to sell your items.  This ensures that we get the maximum

Buy Outs

If you have a collection of items or an entire estate that you are interested in selling,

Know About Mega Traders LLC.

We have over 15 years of experience.  The owner of Mega Traders LLC. created Pro Sellers Inc. out of North Ridgeville, Ohio and branched out in 2015 to create Mega Traders which offers a comprehensive opportunity for individuals located all across the greater Cleveland area.

We sell your items on more than 5 different platforms.  Your estate sale will not just be held like a fancy garage sale in which your items are let go for half their value or even less.  You will get top dollar for the majority of your valuables and each sale is held in a professional and timely manner.


Free Consultation

One of our experts will arrive on site to evaluate the items that you have within the house and to provide you with an estimation of the total sale.

Top Dollar

We ensure that you get the maximum amount of money for all of your items by selling higher end items online and behind the scenes to collectors.


All of our estate sales are held with the utmost professionalism. All of our estate sale experts wear suits or similar attire when conducting the sale. Each sale has more than 5 members on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting is easy, after you've given us a phone call, we will come out and evaluate the site. From there we will advertise online, newspapers and sometimes with mailers in the local area announcing the sale.
You pay nothing upfront. Only at the end of the sale do we take 30% commission for the sale.
We can either liquidate them, store them for sale based on consignment, donate them to charity or you can keep them for yourself.
Generally we need a 30 day notice for a sale so we can appropriately advertise. Once the sale commences it will last 2 or 3 days.
Consignments are done on an individual item basis and the fees can range from 20%-50% depending on the value of the item.
Yes we are insured for up to $1,000,000 in any property damage or theft that may occur during any sale that we conduct or item that we posses.

We have 15 Years

Of Experience


Estate Sales




Products Sold

Meet The Experts

Mega Traders employs 18 people in the Cleveland area. Secretaries, shipping and receiving, online sales listers and our estate sale team - managers, evaluation experts and etc.

Request For Call Back

Your free consultation is just a call or click away.  We are available Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and generally respond within 24 hours.  When contacting us please be sure to leave as much detailed information as possible.  Also if you can, please take pictures of the rooms within the estate – or images of the products in question regarding consignment options – we may ask you to provide us with imagery.  Thank you!

Mega News

See our recent estate sales and what's going on in the estate sale & consignment world!

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Consignment Options

Consignment options are reserved for smaller or larger collections of items that are

05 Apr, 2017

Estate Sales

Mega Traders specializes in conducting on site Estate Sales. Our experienced staff will

The sale took place for 2 days and just about everything was sold.  Thank you so much!

Sharon Twardzik

Strongsville, Ohio

I was very pleased with the results of the sale.  They were willing to match the 30% that another estate company offered.

Michael D. Delgado

Elyria, Ohio

My grandfather passed away in November of 2016 and he left a plethora of stuff in the home.  With the finality of his death and the funeral, we didn't have the time to go through it all.

Jamie C. Pitzer

Westlake, Ohio